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How To Avoid Your Next Party Disaster

How to Avoid Your Next Party Disaster
1. Time is ticking, the guests will be arriving –
Your whole day is planned, so much to do and the clock is ticking, what if something goes wrong.
We suggest the more preparation you can do in advance prior to your party day the easier it will be.
Spread out your work load and plan to stop early so you can sit back and relax prior to the guests arriving. Drinks and food should be bought ahead and decorations can be set up days before. Choose what you’ll going to wear from top to toe. If you have a spare room display your complete outfit.
If you find your falling behind on schedule phone a friend. Don’t be shy in asking for help, sometimes you can’t and don’t need to do everything by yourself.

2. Backup plan
Everyone should always have plan B just in case plan A fails. What if the DJ has an accident on the way to the venue, trust me I have experienced this before. Maybe Cinderella may call in sick.
What happens if you’ve planned an outdoor event and the skies have turned grey.
Think of ways you can empathise if something shall go wrong, better to have a plan in advance.

3. Where is everyone?
There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you’ve planned a party for thirty people and only ten show up. Understand that events beyond our control do occur e.g. emergencies, the best you can do is invite reliable party people.

4. Unwanted guests
Be prepared, chances are an uninvited guest will turn up. Try and discourage this behaviour by vocalizing that space is limited. Apologise to your extra guest, unfortunately preparations were not made and they’ll have to leave.
5. This party is just not getting started
The drinks are flowing, the music is on but the party is lacking atmosphere. The best thing you can do is make sure the music is upbeat, introduce guests to one another and plan some activities. Board games, drinking games and karoke will soon get everyone up and having fun.

6. We’ve run out food
The guests are still hungry and the pantry is empty. Always have back up food, you’ll find as the night goes on and the drinks flow your guests will eventually get very hungry. Frozen party pies and sausage rolls can be easily thrown in the oven and served with dipping sauce. This is a great way to full up those growling tummies. If all else fails call in delivery pizza.

7. Drunk and disorderly behaviour
There is always one in a crowd that stands out from the rest. When serving drinks at a party the goal is to loosen everyone up so they relax and have a good time. However sometimes the nicest person can become rude and obnoxious after one too many. As the host you have a duty of care, try and stop the drinks and offer a safe environment where they sober up and sleep it off.

8. Too busy as the host to enjoy
The last thing your guests want to see is you running around stressed out, busy, and not enjoying your own party. Don’t get caught up in the kitchen or continuously running around after your guests. They can easily get their own drink and serve themselves. Once you’ve knocked off the essentials give your guests some attention and most importantly enjoy yourself.

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How to create the perfect candy bar

Sweeten up your guests at your next function or event, a candy bar is the perfect way to treat your family and friends. Create a lolly bar or candy buffet for special occasions such as wedding, engagement, milestone birthday, hen party or baby shower.

Which lolly reminds you of a special memory, it could be a childhood memory. I remember walking to my local corner shop to buy a bag of lollies supplied in a brown paper bag for 50 cents.

Visit our candy bar at, we have all types of lollies including boutique rock candy or alternatively you can shop by colour for your next themed party.

Candy Bar Blog

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Breakfast at Tiff’s anyone?

“Didn’t I tell you that this was a wonderful place?” – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an all time favourite movie released in 1961.

We’re crazy about Breakfast at Tiffany’s, for beads, feathers, tiara’s and party supplies be inspired at 2urdoorpartystore.

Breakfast at Tiffany



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Closed for 2 weeks in the New Year



Between the 1st and 11th of January the team at 2 Ur Door Party Store will be taking a long needed break after working throughout the standard Christmas holiday period.

We will reopen  for standard business hours from the 12th of January. We have a lot of exciting new products coming in for the new year. Be sure to check our website regularly along with joining our Facebook Page for further updates.

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Get ready for Christmas and New Years

Christmas at 2 Ur Door Party Store

With Christmas only a short few weeks away we have a vast range of Christmas party supplies for all sized events no matter what age.

If you’re looking for a Santa Costume to wear to your work or family Christmas event order online or come in and see us in our Gold Coast, centrally based Nerang store. Our store is located in the heart of the Gold Coast with easy access from the Highway.

Simply call our store on 1300 550 900 or (07) 55 961 244 to find out more.

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Another Marvel Movie

Who is your favorite superhero? The latest from Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy.  Love the movie, love the soundtrack and now you can buy all your Guardians of the Galaxy party supplies from 2 Ur Door Party Store!

If Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is not your theme, we also stock Avengers and Spiderman themed party supplies.


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What’s your theme?

Full range of themed party supplies in stock.

Licensed or non licensed, for the kids we have the latest popular themes from Frozen to How to Train a Dragon, Dora Explorer, Jake the Pirate, Peppa Pig and more.  Or check out our non licensed kids themes – Construction, Little Dino or Pirate.

For the adults, Casino, Luau, Mexican, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

Browse our website and find your theme.