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Caring for your Balloons & The Environment

Thank you for purchasing your balloons from Flim Flams the Party Shop at Nerang on the Gold Coast.

Unfortunately balloons are risky as they are not bullet proof and can pop for no particular reason.  To help with the longevity of your balloons please follow these instructions to avoid disappointment.

  • Helium gas is very sensitive to extreme temperature changes therefore do not leave them in a hot car or out in the sun. For best results keep your balloons indoors in a climate controlled location.
  • Float times of your balloons vary greatly based on factors such as latex quality, humidity, temperature and altitude. Balloons typically float for half as long in hot, humid weather.
  • Latex balloons deflate faster than foil or bubble balloons. Latex is a porous material and it breathes.  With helium being the second smallest atom, it finds its way thru those pores and exits the balloon therefore causing the balloon to continuously shrink.
  • As balloons are temperature sensitive, all gasses expand in heat and contract in cold. This means that if you take your balloon from a 24 degree room into a hot 30+ degree car you risk that it will expand and pop. Alternatively if you take your balloon from a 24 degree room into an extremely cold air conditioned car it will deflate. Once the balloon is back to the temperature in which it was inflated, it should go back to normal.
  • Please be mindful of carrying your balloons, do not scrape or rub them against items that could be sharp and potentially puncture your balloons.
  • When carrying numerous balloon bouquets, please ensure you carry one bouquet in each hand (separated). Otherwise your balloons will become tangled and can be a nuisance to untangle.
  • Please ensure balloons are popped and disposed of in an appropriate manner at the conclusion of your event. Remember to Pin It & Bin It.